Photography students partner with Economic Development office

ROCHESTER — Students from the R. W. Creteau Regional Technology Center’s digital photography course are gaining real world experience through their partnership with Rochester’s Office of Economic Development.

Individuals in the nine-week photography course have accepted an assignment to photographically document history, architecture and industry in the city of Rochester. Armed with training and experience from their photography class and utilizing a range of digital cameras, students will capture classic and creative images throughout the city.

Prior to their city-wide expedition, the students will be visited by guest speaker Jennifer Murphy Aubin, from the Office of Economic Development. She will share the mission of the department and also provide insight into areas of current and projected growth and development within the city.

“This is a win-win project for the City of Rochester and the Technology Center in many ways; it is an occasion to capture the beauty, the history and industry Rochester exemplifies, and … It will give the students exposure to branding, marketing materials and creating impressive portfolios,” said photography teacher Thom Pearce.

The students are excited.

“It will be nice to get a new perspective of Rochester. To take a look at the historic details and see things from a different angle.” said senior Amber Phillips.

Madeline Krebs has strong feelings about the importance of such projects. “We need more support for the arts,” she said. “Appreciation for the arts raises community spirit.”

Aspiring community leader and senior Wyatt Adams said, “I really love the city of Rochester and I am really excited to see good things happen here. There are things to be proud of here and sometimes people don’t see them.”

Once students have captured their digital images, they will download, edit, and peer review them. The peer review and selection process will determine a set of final images that will be collected and presented to the Office of Economic Development for use with their marketing. Each student will select their three best images to print, frame and display to in the community. Would you like an opportunity to host and display their works within your Rochester business? Contact Courtney Ritchings at 332-0757 x2143.

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