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We started this Digital Camera Review site because we have a passion for photography.  Let me tell you a little about who  I am, since I will be your host on the site.  Since discovering photography at age 14 (with a Canon TX then later converted to a Nikon F3), I decided to attend a college that focused on photography (ended up attending Rochester Institute of Technology as a Professional Photography Major where I earned a B.S.) and wanted to work for Eastman Kodak (which I did when I graduated from college).  I worked for Kodak in their Professional Photography Division for over 16 years in various positions (from a Technical Sales Rep to a Photojournalism Specialist to Product Manager for Professional Color Paper and all B&W Products).  Interesting fact, during the late 80’s, in my Photojournalism role, I demoed and used the first commercially available Digital Camera (in the world).  This was a Nikon F3, with a digital sensor on a modified camera back, that was tethered to an Apple FX hard drive – that I had to carry over my shoulder.  Wow, have digital cameras changed.

So please, stop by our site often: DigitalCamerasReview since I will be compiling reviews of  the latest Digital Cameras and photo equipment from all over the internet.  In fact, I plan on providing a list of the most popular best selling Digital Cameras for the upcoming holiday season on a regular basis.  Additionally, I will provide photography tips, photography lessons, along with reviews and recommendations of photography courses I have come across.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Enjoy!