New Podcast “Smarter Online Marketing” Now Available on iTunes

The new Smarter Online Marketing podcast has been released on iTunes today, Monday, March 17, 2014. The podcast, hosted by Vickie Siculiano of Wayne, New Jersey, online marketing coach and founder of Say WOW Marketing, is designed for an audience of small business owners and entrepreneurs who do not have the time to consume video, as it is more convenient for many people to download a podcast and listen at their own leisure, wherever they are.

The online marketing podcast topics include Social Media, SEO, Visual Marketing, Content Development, Technology, eMail Marketing and Website Optimization. The podcast is designed to help listeners optimize their online marketing efforts in bite-sized episodes with step by step strategies, tools and tips they can start using immediately.

“I’ve always been passionate about educating and empowering audiences. Over the years I’ve had roles that include personal trainer, social media manager and jazz vocalist, where I’ve always had to be very in tune with understanding different audience needs.”

In 2007, after years of misdiagnosed health issues, Siculiano was diagnosed with MS. After years of marketing experience and love for audience, she moved her career from onstage to online. She is now a sought-after expert in the online marketing and social media arenas.

“Having MS made me really focus on the importance of optimizing my efforts without wasting time or energy. I want to help others work smarter, not harder, particularly in my area of expertise, online marketing. A lot of my online marketing podcasts are about learning how to use certain tools that help you be more productive and add visual impact to grab attention. When the curtains go up, you get one chance to make ’em say, WOW!”

In addition to the mini-episodes, interviews are lined up with industry experts including photography expert and President of Unique Photo, Matthew Sweetwood, and internationally renowned food photographer and author of “Digital Food Photography,” Lou Manna. “Vickie really understands online marketing and the importance of digital photography for small business owners, particularly food enthusiasts and restaurant owners,” says Manna.

Opening podcast episodes include Siculiano in two Social Media Panel discussions she appeared on, at both Columbia University and Rutgers University. Each show will also be available as a video on both YouTube ( and the Say WOW Marketing website (

You can subscribe to The Smarter Online Marketing podcast on iTunes at, or on Stitcher at

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About Vickie Siculiano

Vickie Siculiano, host of the “Smarter Online Marketing” podcast, is an online marketing coach, consultant, speaker and founder of Say WOW Marketing. Vickie graduated from Baruch College with a B.B.A. in Marketing Management and got her M.A. in Arts Management from Montclair State University, focusing on audience. She is also a PMI-Certified Project Manager (PMP).

Siculiano specializes in social media, SEO, website optimization and visual marketing, with a diverse industry background in both B2B and B2C. Her motto is, “When the curtains go up, you get one chance to make ’em say WOW!”

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