The Nerdy Girlie: Photography Tips Friday: FMS Photo a Day February 21-28

Sorry this post was late!  I had a hard time with reflection!  I have also had a hard time wanting to write.  Blogging can be draining sometimes.  Though I have taken some time away from it this past month, it always makes me realize how much I love it.  I am getting back into the grind on Monday!!!

Day 21:  funny – It was funny how many shots I took just to get this one!  My new lil sister kitty is SUPER fast!  But after about twenty shots, I got this one.  She is such a funny lil kitten!  Make sure you shoot, shoot, shoot.  Not like we have to worry about film!

Day 22:  an act of kindness – Another prompt I thought was going to be a hard one!  But it seems like the hardest ones always end up being, not.  Something always appears to me in a strange and different way.  Just make sure you are keeping your eyes open and in all directions!

Day 23:  this is where i relax – A spur of the moment trip to the beach on Sunday lead to this picture.  Music is one of my favorite things and so is the sun and sand!  The Hunny surfed and I spend two hours content in my own little world.  I shot this from above with The Hunny’s iPhone, since it has a better front facing camera than mine. Tons of shots later, plus edits and it is one of my favorites and my new FB profile pic!

Day 24:  half – My new morning breakfast routine helped produce this photo. Again simple shot, and simple backgrounds make for focus on the prompt!

Day 25:  cut – I was starting to feel fed up with my hair one day and this happened! Again like in day 24, simple shot.  Don’t mind my TOMS tan line!

Day 26:  light –  I took a few different shots for this prompt and this one I chose was actually the last I took of the day.  Symba has a new favorite spot on the couch and it just so happened to have some interesting light.  I thought my light picture was going to be during the day, this ended up being at night.  Let the prompt carry you where it may!

Day 27:  my view today – We don’t get much rain here in San Diego, so when we do it is kinda a huge deal.  When dropping the kiddos off at school, I noticed this beautiful and vibrate chalk art.  Looking up and down for prompt is always a good thing.  Also getting the prompt in my head as early in the day as possible helps get me thinking of creative shots.  Or lets one be presented to me.

Day 28:  reflection –  Like I said before this one was my hardest yet.  I’m not sure because of the prompt its self or because it was the end of the month.  But I finally got this shot while birthday shopping yesterday.  I walked by the display and loved it, then noticed the mirror.  I had to walk back to take this picture.  Don’t be afraid to do that.  The Hunny gave me a weird look.  But I got my capture and I was happy about it!

Join me over on Insgatram @thenerdygirlie.  You can see all my photos there.  Let me know in the comments below what your struggling with or share your favorite images!  Ready for March?!
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