The Nerdy Girlie: Photography Tips Friday: FMS Photo a Day February 14-20

I had such a fun time this week!  Some of these were hard, but helped me get out of the box and get creative which is why I love photography and using Instagram in the first place!  Take a peek!

Day 14:  heart – This was obviously going to be an easy prompt with it being Valentine’s Day and all, but as soon as I picked up my favorite lil up at school and saw her hair, I was like donzo!  How cute and inventive is that!  I had her stand near a blank wall so I could focus just on the braid.  I love using After Light for all my editing.  I just brightened it up a bit and all done!

Day 15:  my drink of choice – I thought this was going to be an easy one, but I almost forgot about the prompt till the end of the day.  I do not like taking many pictures at night, since the light isn’t as good, but After Light helps with that a bit.  I had wanted some tea, grabbed this mug and then the detail on it hit me so I tried to focus on that.  I really love this shot and mug!

Day 16:  create – I was stressing about this prompt all day.  How do you capture create!  But once I was in the cinema waiting to watch Coriolanus and had the poster on my lap, I was I could “create” something with this shot.  It was pitch black inside the theater, so I had The Hunny turn on his phone flashlight and point it at my poster.  I held my camera up as high as I could and then cropped it later.  I only brighten it a bit and added contrast to darken the edges.

Day 17:  vegetable –  This HUGE pile of brussel sprouts at Sprouts Market was a must for my prompt today.  They are my favorite veggie and their color was perfect.

Day 18:  magic –  Magic hour in San Diego is usually pretty awesome, but this day in particular looked like a big paint stroke in the sky.  I added a tad bit of vibrancy and I have really loved using the fad on pictures.  Palm trees in a San Diego sunset shot are always awesome!

Day 19:  feet – A couple weekends ago I was asked to help watch over the flower girl at a friends wedding.  Once I saw her lovely dress I knew I had to do this shot.  I walked us around until I found a pretty “background” and had to take a few shots since she was a lil antsy, but I am super happy with how this shot came out.

Day 20:  peace – I had two shots for this prompt, I had a hard time choosing.  The first was with my favorite color crayons in the form of a peace sign.  But while picking up some kiddos at school, I looked down and saw this on our walk home!  It was so meant to be I just had to use this one!  I love how these prompts open up my eyes to the little things!

Join me over on Insgatram @thenerdygirlie.  You can see all my photos there.  Let me know in the comments below what your struggling with or share your favorite images!
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