Latest Photography news and software to help recover lost and stolen equipment

KEEPING photographic gear safe, especially cameras, is always a challenge, but an aid to making it easier to track down a digital camera after it has been lost or stolen is available from the developers behind Lenstag. Effectively a safe place to log the details of your equipment and available as a free app on Android and Apple’s IOS, they have recently announced an additional feature – Lenstag Rescue. Cleverly it searches the Exif data of images on the web for matching details to lost or stolen equipment.

Just over a week ago I spent the evening with Cambridge Darkroom members at the Fountain Inn in Cambridge debating ‘To shoot or not to shoot’. We had a great debate but came to the conclusion that there are no definative criteria and the decision to take a photograph depends on many factors. Thanks to Omar Parada Martinez for his notes on the debate at and organisers Marine and Dom for the invite.

I do like carrying Bridge cameras but Sony has announced a Bridge camera with an astonishing zoom lens 63x making an equivalent 35mm lens range of 24.5mm to a jaw dropping 1550mm, don’t expect to hold that steady without a tripod! The aperture range is not great in poor light but does have a 20.1MP sensor, and capable of shooting 720p video at 30fps.

If you did take my advice and pay for the rolling licence for the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom you may be interested to know that Terry White has put together a 45-minute video entitled ‘10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do’, you’ll find it on YouTube.

Last week I mentioned protecting your gear from bad weather, some compacts are built with extremes in mind and Nikon’s improved AW120 camera is very capable.

Rugged cameras are especially useful if you have a history of damaging cameras which use a lens barrel to move in and out and are susceptible to knocks and sand, etc, making them inoperable.

Don’t forget to make some time to visit the Photography show at the NEC, March 1-4, an opportunity to see the latest gear.

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