DriveSavers and KelbyOne Partner to Recover Digital Images from Around the World

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DriveSavers and KelbyOne Partner to Recover Digital Images from Around the WorldDriveSavers Data
, the worldwide leader in data recovery services and
eDiscovery solutions is partnering with KelbyOne,
a subscriber-based online education resource for creative people, to
offer recovery of digital assets to the group’s 250,000 members.

DriveSavers has helped more than 50,000 customers recover digital
images, including the successful retrieval of more than 750 images from
a camera that was submerged in 60 feet of frigid Alaskan waters for
three days. DriveSavers was the first company to successfully perform
data recovery from digital cameras, and is recommended by all leading
camera and card manufacturers to perform data recovery on their products.

“It’s frightening to think about, but a photographer’s career could be
jeopardized if they experience data loss,” said Chris Bross, senior
enterprise recovery engineer for DriveSavers. “Every photographer should
be aware of how to properly handle flash memory cards and prevent the
loss of precious and valuable photographs.”

Since the company began recovering data from flash memory cards more
than a decade ago, digital photography has taken the world by storm and
potential problems concerning data loss have evolved.

“The nature of our members’ businesses and hobbies make it crucial to
have a support system to go to when literally all else fails,” said
Krista Smith Rosado, Director of Marketing at KelbyOne. “Their files –
be it photos, design docs, business support files – are their livelihood
and valuable assets. Partnering with DriveSavers as a reliable source
for data recovery service gives our members the comfort and piece of
mind that their work is protected in any event.”

DriveSavers has been in business since 1985 and recovers data from all
types of removable media, hard drives, solid-state drives and flash
memory cards. The company has successfully recovered all types of files
including digital images, accounting records, client information,
contacts, calendars and customer mailing lists. Photographers,
musicians, game developers, web/graphic designers as well as major film
and audio production studios such as DreamWorks, Lucasfilm,
NBC/Universal Studios have turned to DriveSavers for data recovery.

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