Canon Selphy Cp400 Photo Printer

The little printer that could
December 23, 2005
By K. GittinsCA USA
I wanted a simple printer so I could make a few prints from time to time to hand out. On sale for $50, this seemed like the right one.

I already had the included Zoombrowser and Photo Stitch software installed from my prior purchase of a Canon A95 camera, so I just needed to install the driver. Note this requires a USB cable (not included) to the printer.

As is human nature, I tried to print without reading the Zoombrowser instructions, and got a lovely plain sky-blue print with the words “My Album” on it – but no photo 🙂 Then, out came a stunning second print which was totally blank but with some faint horizontal lines – this was from a residual click from my first attempt. Ok, Ok, so I looked at the PDF printing guide for about 15 seconds, and followed the instructions.

Got a beautiful first print of the Queen Mary ship. Got a gorgeous second print of flags (red/white/blue, and green) againt a clear blue sky, and the third print was very nice of a field of flowers near Mt Lassen (ironically the original proof print of this from 20 years ago was scanned onto my computer just today to get rid of paper prints…)

So, I’ve blown through the provided “trial” 5 sheets of paper and film cartridge, and have 3 very nice prints (with postcard address lines, stamp area and Canon logo on the back – the paper comes that way.) The ends of the paper remain white but have perforations about 1/2 inch from the end so you can remove them after printing.

I can’t compare the printing software to any other brand, but setting up a plain photo-only print takes about 10 seconds of menu choices. If you want to add backgrounds, titles/text, etc, that is available as well. (Got another pack of paper/film, and put humorous captions on kind of funny-bad office Christmas pix…)

Printing directly from my A95 takes about the same time as from the computer – about 1 min 45 sec.

The actual operation involves the paper being passed in and out of the printer 4 times (3 color passes and a protective layer) so it is important the back of the printer is not obstructed, particularly by the power cord which hangs down near the edge of the slot. The finished print is deposited on top of the paper cassette in front.

The unit looks and feels substantial for its small size, comes well packed (survived NY to CA shipping), has decent documentation, and a 1-year warranty.
thumbs up
October 20, 2006
By CTR “ctr”Cambridge, ma
this is a great little printer especially for its size and price ($40)

prints a little dark often, but that can be adjusted on the software side

it has never jammed or otherwise messed up a pic
The Excellent Canon Selphy CP400
March 1, 2007
By Priscilla Vanlaarhoven “prof. pvl”KEW GARDENS, NY United States
For a photo printer with dye sublimation so that your pictures are non-water soluable and come out crisp and clean the Canon Selphy CP400 is amazing. I have used it for very high volume printing and it is reliable and perfect every time. The packs of postcard paper come with their own ink catridges for the exact amount of ink for the paper used so you never end up with paper and no ink. The price for these paper/ink combos is totally reasonable although I do recommend purchasing the 108 sheet packs for super economy. There are certainly lots of different kinds of photo printers out there that have more features but because of the simplicity of the CP400 you know there won’t be much that can go wrong. This is a wonderful item and I really do intend to purchase another one to keep on hand for double printing or in the event something happens to the first one. Excellent purchase, come highly recommended!!!
March 10, 2007
By Matthew Arnold
It’s cheap, it’s portable, and the output is great. You can take it with you when you travel, when you get back to the hotel, print a postcard from a picture you took that day! My wife and I really like it.
Good quality money waster
January 13, 2009
By B. Ceglia “Italiana Mestra”New Jersey
I have had this printer for over 3 years. The dye sublimations rolls often register as empty when they are brand new (or were only half used). I have had to throw out over 5 rolls of ink (160+ photos worth) as the printer refuses to print. I refuse to waste any more money buying cassettes that might or might not work. I am left holding over 100 special paper sheets for this system. If you want it…I am placing it on eBay soon to get it out of my studio before I throw it out the window
A nice, and quite small, photo printer, but beware the costs
November 25, 2008
By Michael A. DuvernoisMadison, WI
This is great for instant satisfaction. You can print directly from your camera or from the computer (and it is Mac compatible). But you pay 2-3 times what you would for a print from, for example the iPhoto mail order shop or other online printing services. That’s the consumables cost. Ink and paper sets for 108 prints cost about $25, that’s where the number comes from.

So, I use it for the “hey, I want a print right now” times and use the online services for “I have a list of thirty photos that I want to have prints made for.”
canon printer
January 18, 2007
By Y. REYES “pink”
I was very pleased with this product. Packaging was great, product in new conditions. And I recieved printer earlier than expected. Truly deserves more than five stars.
Best photo printer for the price!
April 24, 2010
By Joel Ward “psychoelf”TN
Found mine at Goodwill believe it or not! Bought a cartridge pack at Target on a whim and put it in. Hooked up my old A530 and printed a wonderful picture! This is very useful for printing pictures on the go as stated in another review. And the quality is better then most store services. Dye sublimation rocks! Throw out your craptastic “ink” printer!
Flawless Product
January 6, 2009
By Kristi
I wanted something portable to print pictures at family outings. The printer has been a dream. Prints 108 photos for around $30.00 and have never had a problem with it. Probably printed over 1000 prints on it within the last year. Great to take on vacation and print our our postcards to send along the way. Small and very portable. Excellent color prints. Have enough printed business postcard mailings and party invitations.
great little printer
October 9, 2009

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