Basic Time-Lapse Digital SLR Video Tips

Corey Rich shares some of his basic time-lapse digital slr video tips.

Corey Rich

March 3, 2014

Time-lapse photography is one of the best storytelling devices at your disposal. Whether that’s compressing hours of sunrise, sunset or star trails into just a few seconds of video, time-lapses are fantastic ways to add powerful visual elements to your next motion project.

In this Tech Tip, photographer and director Corey Rich takes you through the fundamentals of creating a time-lapse with the Nikon D800. He goes over general decision-making such as whether to shoot in raw or jpeg, and how many frames you need if you’re working in 24 fps or 30 fps. And he covers Nikon’s unique “time-lapse photography” mode in the D800.

This basic primer will teach you how to set your exposure, why you shouldn’t use auto-focus and the dangers of leaving your camera strap on while creating the time-lapse. With a Nikon D800, a beefy Manfrotto tripod and 128GB SanDisk card, you will be able to create a stunning time-lapse that will give your next motion project a professional look.

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