WEDDINGS: Choosing the right photographer for YOU.

Spring… The birds are singing, flowers are blooming and fabulous couples are getting married. Here are some tips to help guide you to the perfect wedding photographer for you.

First of all… Enjoy being engaged!

Before jumping into wedding planning, take time to enjoy your new fiancé.

Traditional, contemporary, documentary, and artistic. The primary styles of wedding photography. Look through potential photographer’s galleries and Facebook to get an idea of their style. Keep an eye out for someone who captures the feelings you’ve dreamed about.

Make sure your personalities mesh. Do your ideas sync or are you constantly trying to explain what you want? There are plenty of smooth talking photographers out there, but you want someone you can easily share ideas and concepts with. Many brides make the mistake of hiring a photographer just because their best friend, sister, or mom adored them, but you are the one who will have them tailing you the entire day. It makes the day go a lot smoother if their is a good connection between the two of you.

List of shots
Look through bridal magazines. Write down a list of must have shots and would like to have. Pinterest can be helpful for this, but don’t spend the day worrying if they got that shot. It will all work out, and if you give your photographer some creative freedom, they will deliver images you never thought you had to have. Remember that it won’t be identical, but you are your own person and will bring your own energy to the pictures. My personal favorites are those candid moments that you just can’t plan.

You’ve decided on your style and time, let’s talk money. Photographer fees can easily eat into your budget.
Typically, the fees take up 12% of the wedding budget. The wedding day can range from a couple hours to days of festivities. Think about the most important parts of the day and make sure you hire a photographer for an
adequate amount of time. The highlights are getting ready, first look/the reveal, ceremony, family & attendants
portraits, the couple, reception, and send off.  Ensure the photographer is capable of the coverage you require.

Determine how you want to receive your images. Do you prefer an album, prints or digital images? Look at the different options the photographers provide and ask to look at samples. If you opt for the digital route, I highly recommend using your photographer for anything you want to display in your home. Your local drugstore will be unable to produce the same quality, color consistency, and durability as a professional lab. With a pro, your pictures will be printed on archival ink and paper and the result will match the original image.

Don’t get too hung up on pretty packaging and albums. It is better to invest in the services than to receive poor pictures in the finest album. You can always purchase these later or set up a registry with your photographer.

Does the photographer edit your images? Are you in love with all the images on the photographer’s site? Be careful! Confirm that they edit the images and not just a few. Ask to look at an entire wedding vs just a few handpicked photos. Check for a consistent flow throughout an album.

Will you want a color version of all your photos, some B&W, or a B&W version of all. Decide how much of your pictures you want in each format and does the photographer provide that service.

What gear are they using? If they pull out an entry level slr(Canon Rebel), I would seriously consider finding another option. Everyone starts somewhere, but don’t expect professional results from an amateur photographer. There are a few exceptions, but in most cases, you get what you pay for.

Will they have a backup body? Accidents happen. We are all human, but a professional will have a backup to ensure an accident doesn’t hold them back from capturing memories from your big day.

Always have a contract. Everything you’ve talked about should be in the contract.

In the end, it is about you and your love. Enjoy your day and the rest of your lives together!

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