Tyler Graham presents Photography and Design

A new exhibit opened in the Brindle Student Gallery on March 10.

The digital photography exhibit is titled “Tyler Graham Photography & Design.” The images are of various senior, engagement, family and solo photo shoots.

Graham said he is inspired by the emotion that people show whenever they look at the photographs he took of them. Graham loves seeing smiles on their faces and he loves to help them remember the moment.

Like many photographers, Graham enjoys photographing engagements. He said this is because the subjects remember back to that initial happiness when they popped the question and he loves seeing the love that is shared. Graham also enjoys family photo shoots because they bring the families together.

Grahams’ work is great to look at. When you look at his photography you can feel the emotions that are shown in the photographs and the passion that Graham has for his art. Each photo is unique.
Graham is a junior art major with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in communication/journalism. He is very involved on campus as the performing arts chairperson for APB; campus outreach chairperson for homecoming committee; marketing, advertising, publicity, and promotions manager in the CUB; a new student orientation team member and a design intern.

The exhibit is located in Huber Art Center, Brindle Gallery Room 213. The room is open Monday through Friday at various times.

The times are available on the ship.edu/art where a list of the exhibits for the rest of the semester can be found.

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