Tips for Shooting Artistic Nude Photography – PictureCorrect

Nude photography can be a sensitive topic, and there are certain protocols that photographers should follow when taking on the genre. The insightful video below walks us through a tasteful nude photoshoot as a professional photographer discusses the do’s and don’ts of artistic nudes:

[embedded content]

A few key tips for artistic nude photography:

  • Before the shoot even starts, make sure the model is comfortable with what you’re going to do by discussing the shots.
  • If your model has never done a nude shoot, start with very basic poses with lingerie on to make them comfortable.
  • Never touch the model. Instead, mirror the poses to them.
  • Don’t use too wide of a lens if the background is cluttered, this will help avoid getting it in the shot. Stick with a good, standard portrait lens.
  • Be careful with sharp bends and angles in the poses you ask from the model to avoid creases in the skin.

Block off part of a window to control natural light.

Lastly, as with almost any kind of portrait photography, experiment with the light. Just because you are using ambient light doesn’t mean you lose control over it. It’s helpful to know which angles produce the most flattering or artistic light.


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