Take your photography skills to the next level with Nikon’s how-to videos

Aimed more at keen snappers who are already comfortable with interchangeable lenses, rather than absolute photographic beginners, new videos by Nikon will cover a host of subjects as the series progresses.

Called “Nikon Behind the Scenes” and available to watch via Nikon’s YouTube channel or Google+ page, the videos will build into a series “dedicated to empowering and educating passionate photographers” — or so Nikon claims.

Each video features a famous photographer who is also a Nikon brand ambassador and the first, fronted by Joe McNally, offers handy and helpful tips about light and the fundamentals of flash photography.

The 15-part series will also cover everything from selecting the right lenses and working with models to photographing landscapes, portraits, night-time photography, time-lapse settings and gearing up for a shoot.

And while there are already numerous how-to videos on YouTube detailing photography tips and tricks, what sets Nikon’s apart is that they give enthusiasts a glimpse into pro photographers’ working lives and their approach to their craft.

Likewise, although the videos are pitched more at owners of interchangeable lens cameras, Nikon hopes that the series will help to inspire and enthuse photographers of all levels.

“Nikon Behind the Scenes: Reading Light”: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol-XzyxM8LQ

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