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– Dec 2, 2004

Canon PowerShot A95 5 Megapixel Compact Camera

Strengths: Excellent image quality. High resolution swivel LCD. Lots of new scene modes. Uses widely available AA batteries.

Weakness: Slightly noisier images than the A80, it’s predecessor. Not the lightest camera available.

Canon’s successor to the popular A80 improves on it’s predeccessor in many ways. The most noticable upgrade is the new five megapixel CCD sensor, a one megapixel increase from the A80. This resolution upgrade does lead to slightly noiser images, but the difference is minimal.

The A95 retains the swivel screen of the A80, but improves on it. The screen is now 1.8″, up from 1.5″ on the A80. The screen is easy to view in most lighting conditions – it is significantly higher resolution than the A80 screen, and the size upgrade makes it much easier on the eyes.

The A95 has a compact, mostly metal body; it has a very solid feel to it. It is larger than the Digital Elph line, but smaller than Canon’s G5/G6/S60/S70 cameras – it’s a nice compromise between the two. The A95 nicely merges many of the features on Canon’s higher end cameras with “stick it in you pocket” compactness the Digital Elph line offers.

The A95 isn’t the lightest camera around, because it uses four AA batteries for power. The upside to this is the outstanding battery life with rechargable NiMH batteries – I can get off several hundred shots with one set. AA’s are so widely available compared with the propietary Lithium Ion battery packs that most cameras offer – you’ll always be able to buy some alkalines in a pinch if your batteries run out.

Image quality is simply excellent, much like the A80. Images are sharp, colors are excellent. I would have liked to have the 3X zoom lens start at a wider angle, but that’s a minor complaint.

Overall, this is one of the best point-and-shoot digital cameras you can buy. Highly recommended.

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I just got my A95 and am wondering what is meant by noise! as in ” Slightly noisier images than the A80, it’s predecessor.” thanks

Reply by member: iampest

May 13, 2005

the size upgrade makes it much easier on the eyes. you said it. thanks

I would also like to know what is meant bt “noisy images”. I don’t hear anything from any images I take.

Reply by member: enggboy

Jul 28, 2006

please can anyone tell me the actual market price of canon powershot A95 i m so desperate to know

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