Noted photographer still prefers film

Novice lessons at the Rockaway Twp. Library

ROCKAWAY TWP. – Things were coming into focus Saturday at the Rockaway Township Public Library.

The library hosted a free course in photography, known as “Getting to Know Your digital camera,” hosted and taught by professional New Jersey photographer Walter Choroszewski.

During the class, Choroszewski taught the basics of photography, a brief history on the subject, the science behind the techniques and art form, and the difference between regular film and digital.

Choroszewski also gave tips on buying the best digital camera, how to use certain types properly, and applying it in today’s growing digital world.

The photographer explained his opinion on whether film or digital was better. Throughout his photography career for over 30 years, Choroszewski prefers film.

“Film is quality, but digital is convenience,” said Choroszewski.

“If I wanted the best possible picture, I would shoot film. We’re a lot better where we are now with digital, but in the end, film is superior.”

Though originally from northeastern Pennsylvania, Choroszewski is known for his photos that celebrate the beauty of the Garden State. His first big breakthrough came in 1981 when he published a photo essay on the state, “New Jersey, A Scenic Discovery.”

The success of Choroszewski’s works established his signature photographic identity and made him the primary photographer of the N.J. state tourism campaigns, “New Jersey & You… Perfect Together,” throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Choroszewski is also an accomplished graphic designer and videographer and owns Aesthetic Press Inc., with his wife Susan, who lives and works with him in Somerset County. Aesthetic Press Inc. publishes regional books and calendars that continue to glorify the state’s landscape.

In his career over the past three decades, Choroszewski has received many awards and has also given classes on photography as he did at the township library.

Staff said they were pleased to have someone of his expertise come to their facilities.

“Choroszewski was very informative on the history [of photography] and very hands on,” said reference librarian and event organizer Kyle Craig.

“It’s nice that we can offer this program for free to the community.”

Even the attending crowd of photo enthusiasts, numbering to about 30 people, was excited and pleased to hear what Choroszewski had to offer the basics of film and digital photography.

“He taught it so that the dumbest of us could understand,” said White Meadow Lake resident J.E. Alston-Johnson.

Others felt the same way.

“It was great,” said Meri Tango, another White Meadow Lake resident.

“Choroszewski was very informative. I was set to sell my 35mm camera, but now I’m gonna keep it. The potential for best pictures is still there.”

After the class, people departed with new knowledge on photography, hoping to apply it themselves in today’s age of picture taking.

But Choroszewski reminds everyone that although digital is a great, film will always better.

“When quality is needed, film is needed,” said Chorozewski.

“Film is king.”

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