Insider tips for smartphone photography

How to take incredible pictures with your phone

When we set out to tackle an episode all about photography, we knew one thing for sure: most of us leave our dedicated cameras at home in favor of our smartphones.

In honor of that tradition, this week’s episode is all about getting more out of your phone’s camera.

To kick things off, Eric explains exactly what makes smartphone cameras so advanced and tips you off on what to look for the next time you’re shopping for a phone.

Then, Donald and I show you how to use some of the best (and lesser-known) built-in camera features, so that you can spend more time shooting good-looking photos and less time editing them later.

Plus, I’ve got a DIY that lets you mount your smartphone to any standard tripod so you can shoot time-lapse videos, group selfies, and supersteady shots.

As always, leave your questions, tips, and best ideas in the comments.

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