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Neither camera seems 100% suitable for your trip to the Badlands.

Both Nikons will take good looking pictures in daylight. The D3200 will have an advantage due to its optical viewfinder, which you’ll need when shooting in the bright sunshine. But since you intend to take pictures of wildlife you’ll need a longer lens than the 18-55mm kit lens of the D3200 – the 34x zoom lens lf the L830 would come in very handy. To take pictures of the stars you’ll need to set up your camera on a tripod and set the camera for long exposure – something you can do on the D3200 as it permits you to control shutter speed, but you can’t on the L830 because it doesn’t allow you to control shutter speed.

As an alternative to the two Nikons you might want to consider a long zoom point and shoot with a built-in viewfinder. There are many available from different manufacturers. For Nikon the P520 fits within your price range. There’s also the Panasonic FZ70 and the Fuji SL1000, both of which have long zoom lenses and viewfinders. Of the three cameras the Fuji SL1000 has the slowest minimum shutter speed, at 30 seconds, which makes it better able to take pictures of stars.

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