Digital photography: The games with their own paps

How do you approach your sessions of GTA V? Like a photographer? Or as a game player who has happened to come across something cool to shoot?

I will usually approach the sessions as a photographer, but when I do go on to play the actual game, I get very easily distracted when I notice something good to shoot – which is incidentally why I only just finished the story.

Where are you favourite locations to shoot in San Andreas? What’s been your favourite shot?

I don’t really have any preference in locations, as I don’t want to end up with the same shots each time. So I’ll usually drive around aimlessly until I find a scene that interests me. My favorite shot would probably have to be one of the first ones I ever took, because of the light and shadow, but also because of the person’s seemingly saddened posture, which speaks to my idea in Replicants.

Do you walk around on foot much in GTA V, or stick to vehicles? Which, if so?

I’ll usually grab any car or bike and drive until I find an interesting area, and then I’ll step out and explore it on foot.

Are there any limitations you face when it comes to shooting in GTA? How do you try to overcome them?

There aren’t many limitations, but the main one would have to be image size and resolution. I overcome that by running them through a pretty good resizing software. Other than that, there’s things like the inability to change perspective or orientation when shooting, but that isn’t too big of an issue.

What do you think of the in-game camera, do you wish it had more functions? Do you think they could be added in a PC version of GTA – or would you be hitting Print Screen instead of using the in-game camera?

The in-game camera is perfect for my uses, there’s really nothing else I would want in it. I think that hitting print screen, or photographing my TV would, to me, defeat the purpose of my project, so for now I don’t have plans on doing that. Oh, and I shoot on a PS3.

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