Apple iPhone 5s Tips And Tricks on Mails, Maps, Photography, Siri, Weather And Many More

Apple 5s is easy to use. When it comes to features than its predecessors, here are some tips and tricks from iPhone 5s Web site that are most useful to make your iOS device serve you better.


Swipe left in the Compass to access an inclinometer or a level.

Find my Phone

Find my Phone can help locate a lost iPhone. Go to Settings > iCloud. Turn on Find My iPhone feature.


Insert a photo or video – When composing an email, touch and hold the message to see “Select, Select All” menu. Tap the arrow and choose “Insert Photo or Video.” Pick the photo or video you like to be attached from your Camera Roll, shared streams and albums.


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Delete messages – You can delete or move messages in groups. From the Inbox, tap Edit, select one or more messages, then tap Trash or Move.

Retrieve your draft – Touch and hold Compose button and go to your list of saved drafts.


Quick Route – When Maps drop a pin to a location, you can get turn-by-turn directions to that location. Tap the Quick Route button next to the location’s name.

See up close with Flyover –  Tap the 3D icon to get to Flyover view and explore select cities from the above and zoom, pan or rotate around landmarks.

Share a pin – In Maps, drop a pin in a location you want to share. Then tap the pin and select Share via AirDrop, Facebook, Mail, Messages or Twitter.

Tilt and rotate your view –   While looking at a map, use two fingers to tilt or rotate the view. Everything is easy to read and you will not get lost since it keeps the names of the streets and places where they belong.


Camera in Control Center – You can quickly access your camera by swiping up from any screen (Lock Screen included) and tap the Camera icon.

Panorama – Panorama photos from left to right or vice versa can be taken easily. Tap the arrow to change direction.

Burst mode – Catch the action with multiple shots. Hold the button down and snap 10 photos a second. Then real-time analysis will suggest the best photos.

Mapped pictures – View your picture locations in a map. Tap the location heading under Years, Collections or Moments.

Photo filters – You can apply any of the eight photo filters to pictures. Choose one to see the effect before taking the shot or apply later.


Tell Siri who’s who – Introduce your relationships to Siri like “Ben is my dad” or “Myrna is my sister” or “John is my brother.” When you say “Call Dad” or “Call Sister,” Siri would know.

Set your locations – Put home and work addresses in your Contacts then Siri can remind about the things to do in these places.

Change the way Siri pronounces a name – If Siri mispronounces a name, you can tell her “that’s not how you pronounce that.” Siri will ask you for the correct pronunciation, then say the name three times differently and you can choose the one you like.


View locations by pinching –  View your locations by pinching and see a collapsed presentation. To reorder the location, drag them where you want. To remove a location, swipe from right to left.

 Working With Text

Word definition – In some apps Mail and Safari, you can check the definition of a word by double-tapping which brings the options menu. Then tap Define.

Format text in mails – Bring the options menu by double tapping any word. Tap the arrow and select B, I or U to bold, italicize or underline texts.

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