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Nikon Camera Handbooks

Nikon Camera Handbooks

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This is the all in one handbooks to fully introduce the equipments of Nikon’s high-performance digital cameras and Lenses!

Nikon Camera Handbooks is a handbooks viewer app for iPad that allows users to download and view handbooks for Nikon digital cameras and lenses. Handbooks that have been downloaded can be viewed off-line, allowing users to refer to them at any time and any where.

Want to take masterpieces like professional photographers? Not everyone can do it! But if you want to take a picture that people applaud for, you need to do it through learning and training; you need to learn how to use your camera, get familiar with your equipments and master some photography techniques.

These handbooks are comprehensive introductions to the equipments of Nikon’s high-performance digital cameras. It covers from digital camera structure principles to practical shooting techniques, by teaching you from how to set the aperture and shutter to how to operate the camera; from the interpretations of the basic skills such as composition, light and color, to various themes of shooting skills; and from the digital camera system configuration to a variety of attachments, and everything. If you can sit down and read this manual seriously and try to use this app to learn more about digital photography knowledge and practice basic shooting skills, you time and effort will pay off. Combine theory and practice, you will have a good start!

What’s new

The completely redesigned version.

– Beautiful new look inspired by the clean, simplicity of iOS 7.
– Compact Cameras added!
– My Handbook list, you can check and read your handbooks at any time with or without internet connection.
– Numerous bug fixes and improvements.


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