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24 February 2014| last updated at 12:08AM

ONE-STOP: Shop sells cameras ranging from the latest digital models to antique ones

JOHOR BAHRU: PHOTOGRAPHY enthusiasts who want to upgrade their camera or look for antique  models for their collection can head to Classic Photo, a shop selling cameras ranging from the latest digital models to antique models that date back to the year 1912.

The outlet, opened four months ago in Giant Hypermarket Taman Nusa Bestari here, offers a vast range of antique cameras and accessories ranging from flashbulbs, camera bags, chargers, lens, tripods and batteries.

Othman Zakaria, 58, who runs the shop said he also sells 135 film rolls for cameras produced before the pre-digital camera era.

“I do not have much stock because not many people are using 135 film cartridges anymore but there are still people coming to my shop looking for it.

“Antique cameras are also sought after by collectors,” he said.

Othman, who also does “trade ins”, said the Canon EOS 7D, a semi-professional cropped sensor digital single-lens reflex camera, is the best-selling among his second-hand models.

“My shop also has the action camera which records both still photography and video. This is popular among photography enthusiasts who want to record the action while climbing down a cliff or when they want to do underwater filming.

“The camera can be strapped to the chest or head, so it will be convenient for him or her to concentrate on the sport, be it diving, snorkelling or skydiving.”

The shop also has the Telyt 1:6.8.560 Leitz Wetzlar lens, a made-in-Germany second-hand model, that is selling for RM4,500 together with an Olympus body that is tagged at RM1,500.

Also available are a Werra, a 420 Polaroid Automatic Land Camera, and a Voigtlander, which according to Othman, dates back to 1912.

The Voigtlander camera was named after an optical company founded by Johann Christoph Voigtländer in Vienna in 1756, and is probably one of the oldest names in cameras.

Classic Photo also offers wedding photography service, photostating services in black and white and colour, book binding and lamination.

For details, call Othman at 017-796 7750.

The various types of lens for film-based cameras.

One of the analogue models which uses a separate flash and external battery.

An action camera (centre) ideal for those who love adventure. On the right is the casing which is used when the camera is underwater.

Othman Zakaria showing the Leitz Wetzlar lens attached to an Olympus camera. Pic by Dazar Suarman

The newly-opened Classic Photo outlet in Giant Hypermarket Taman Nusa Bestari.

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