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A Post By: Darlene Hildebrandt

As the 22nd Winter Olympics finish up in Sochi, I thought it fitting to share some images of winter sports. Personally my idea of a winter sport is getting on a plane and sipping a Piña Colada on the beach. However, there are many talented athletes, and photographers who enjoy participating in many winter sports.

I hope you enjoy these images of winter sports:

By Zach Dischner

By gianluca platania

By Jenn Vargas

By Tyler


By Jared Polin

By clyde

By Ville Miettinen

I’m Canadian – we like hockey!

By Juan Carlos Labarca

By jacinta lluch valero

By Bob Bob

By jenny downing

By Johan Røed

By Denis Messié

By Sharat Ganapati

By Justin Kern

By Niels Linneberg

By ZeroOne

By Dustin Gaffke

By G MacRae

By Bruce McKay

By Eric Lanning

By Sugin Ong

Typically Canadian!

These next few images are really typical in Canada. Snow angels, hay rides on a wagon pulled by horses, having a nice beverage after our winter sport, tobogganing (my home city even), curling and driving snowmobiles (people in Saskatchewan call this “sledding”).

By paulmcdee

By Rona Proudfoot

By Gideon Chilton

By Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

The image above is my home city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This is why I go to Cuba and Nicaragua for  photo tours at this time of year! In fact, I’m outta here this weekend, leaving those back home to enjoy – well – that! ;-)

By Benson Kua


By New Brunswick Tourism

By Adam Taber

Luge – bizarre sport in and of itself. Get on a small piece of wood and throw yourself down a track made of solid ice, and go as fast as possible. Double man luge – makes even less sense to me. Do all that, but two guys on top of each other. Some sports, you just have to wonder – who was the first to do that, and why did they think it was a good idea? I give full kudos to those that do it, but I can still think it’s just a little bit nuts. Right?

By Scott Robinson

By Ronel Reyes

What’s your favourite winter sport to shoot or participate in? If you live in a place were you don’t get winter like this (usually) do you see these and think as many of my New Zealand and Aussie friends do, “Oh how pretty the snow is!”? My standard answer is – you can come visit any time and I’ll hand you my snow shovel so you can see it up close and personal! ;-)

I would argue that snow shovelling IS winter sport! It takes physical endurance. Raises the heart rate. The faster you do it the better (so you don’t freeze solid). Welcome to my world 5 months of the year!

By D. Sharon Pruitt

By bulldog1

By Shinichi Higashi

By Chris Ford

By Corey Templeton

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