10 tips for taking stunning photos – Holy Kaw!

Looking to up your photography game?

Oftentimes, what we think will make for the perfect shot is the very thing holding us back, so the next time you’re out and about, camera in hand, give these tips from digital photography School’s Mike Newton a try.

Get in close to your subject…then get closer

Most people think that they have to step way back and get a lot of space around the subject to get the whole scene. Your subject is not a mime that is stuck in an invisible box, it’s okay to cut off their foreheads, legs, or lower half every now and then! Try getting a close-up of someone’s face from the eyebrows to the mouth.

Shoot from interesting perspectives

I would argue that 99% of photos most viewers ever see are shot from eye-level where the photographer was standing – the same viewpoint we see 99% of our lives from. It’s no surprise when you go to the top of a huge building and look down at a city that it’s visually stunning because we don’t see that perspective very often. You see this birds-eye-view used a lot in food photography.

Full story at digital photography School.

Hacks for fabulous photography.

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