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…volume 1 creative lighting digital photography tips and techniques pdf dungeon master’s guide 2 pdf 3.5 … volume 6 creative night digital photography tips and techniques pdf marx capital volume 2 pdf He forced…
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5 HOT Posts From Our Archives You Would Have Seen if You Were Following…

At dPS we have a little problem.

As of this morning dPS has now published 4109 tutorials since we were founded back in 2006!

That’s a lot of photographic learning hidden away in our archives and we’re increasingly aware that many of our readers have not seen some of our most helpful tips and tutorials.

As a result – our team has been coming up with some strategies for highlighting some of the gold in our archives and have begun to experiment with some new ways of sharing it.

How to See the Best Stuff in Our Archives

The most successful experiments so far have been centred around our Facebook page. Over the last few weeks we’e started sharing some of our best content from the past there to those who follow us – and the response has been amazing!

Dps facebook

In the past week alone we’ve had hundreds of thousands of people view, like, share and comment upon these links to old posts and have received a lot of positive feedback about sharing them.

So if you want to explore our archives please Like Our Facebook page.

If you do you’ll see us update around 4 times per day – the updates will be a combination of our new posts and old ones – as well as some fun challenges and discussions.

To get a taste for what you’re missing – here’s the top 5 Facebook posts we’ve done this week:

Also hot this week was a Facebook only challenge that we ran asking followers to submit a photo on the theme of CUTE.

Following us on Facebook but Not Seeing Our Updates?

Over the last few months Facebook have made changes that mean you don’t always see every post that people and pages you follow make.

If you would like to see all our updates here’s what to do (this should take you 15 seconds at most):

1. Head to our Facebook Page

2. Make sure you’ve clicked our ‘like button’ (it should say ‘liked’ and have a tick next to it).

3. Once you’ve liked us – hover your cursor over the ‘liked’ button until a drop down menu appears (like the one pictured below).

Facebook dps

4. Click the ‘settings’ option and you’ll see an option to choose ‘all updates’ (as you see below). If you select it you’re telling Facebook you want to see all of our updates.

Facebook dps

5. You’re done – you should start seeing all our updates (that is if you check Facebook regularly).

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

Check out our more Photography Tips at Photography Tips for Beginners, Portrait Photography Tips and Wedding Photography Tips.

5 HOT Posts From Our Archives You Would Have Seen if You Were Following us on Facebook

The post 5 HOT Posts From Our Archives You Would Have Seen if You Were Following us on Facebook by appeared first on Digital Photography School.

via Digital Photography School

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How Can I Be Positive My Lodge Home, Apt or Fitting Room Is Not Bugged… is no longer available.

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For more information and to contact us please read this support document.

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Samy’s camera – photography, digital cameras, video, audio – Sites like

Shop Samy’s Camera for Digital Cameras, Lenses, Camera Equipment, Tripods, Video Cameras, Photography Accessories, Photo Printers, Lighting, and more from the top selling brands, Canon,… more


tags for www.samys.comcamera equipment / digital slr camera / video cameras / digital cameras

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Anmeldelse og test af Samsung WP10 Black på PriceRunner

Sådan vælger du digitalkamera

Kom i gang med fotografering

Der er et bredt udvalg af digitalkameraer på markedet. Netop derfor er det vigtigt, at du baserer dit valg på, hvor meget tid og energi du vil bruge på at fotografere.
Det er lettere end nogensinde før at tage fotos af høj kvalitet. Mange er tilfredse med de fotos, de tager med deres smartphone, men der er også mange kritiske forbrugere, som vil have den ægte vare.


Digitalkameraer fås i fire typer.

Compact kamera

Compact kameraer, eller “sigt og skyd”-kameraer, er små, vejer kun lidt og er nemme at bruge. De fleste indstiller fokus og eksponering automatisk. Fast- eller zoom-objektiv, blitz og søger er integrerede.

Et compact kamera fås til priser helt ned til 100 kr. Men de fleste koster fra 400 – 4000 kr., alt efter specifikationerne. Generelt er compact kameraer billige og en god nem løsning til hverdagsbrug.


Bridgekameraer udfylder kløften mellem compact kameraer og digitale SLR-kameraer (spejlrefleks-kameraer). De har cirka samme størrelse og vægt som de fleste DSLR-kameraer, og billedkvaliteten er sammenlignelig. Den største forskel er, at et bridgekamera har et ikke udskifteligt objektiv og lang zoom. Bridgekameraer uden fuld automatik har også i et vist omfang mulighed for manuel kontrol af lukketid, blænde og ISO-lysfølsomhed. De koster mellem 1200 og 4000 kr.


Hybridkameraer – eller mikrosystemkameraer – kombinerer de mindre kameraers kompakthed med DSLR-kameraernes udskiftelige objektiv og ikke mindst store billedsensor. De har ikke det store spejl indeni, som DSLR-kameraer har, og derfor er de betydeligt lavere. Hybridkameraer er små, lette og tager billeder af høj kvalitet. De koster mellem 2600 og 10 000 kr.

DSLR-kamera (digitalt spejlreflekskamera)

Digitale spejlreflekskameraer (digital single-lens reflex cameras – DSLR-kamera) er ekstremt fleksible kameraer med udskiftelige objektiver, spejlsøger og et hav af manuelle indstillingsmuligheder foruden et større udvalg af auto-programmer. Spejlreflekskameraet gør brug af et spejlsøgersystem, hvor lys fra motivet reflekteres gennem objektiv, spejl og prisme, så du i søgeren ser, præcis hvordan dit billede bliver. DSLR-kameraer er dyre kameraer af topkvalitet og noget større end compact kameraer. De koster mellem 2500 kr. og 30 000 kr., enkelte helt op til 10 0000 kr. afhængig af tilvalgte objektiver mm.

Udstyr og funktioner


Blitz er en funktion, der har været på digitalkameraer, lige siden de kom på markedet. Kun de dyreste kameraer har ikke blitz, fordi producenterne forventer, at professionelle fotografer bruger separat blitz. En blitz udsender et kortvarigt lysglimt for at eksponere motiver i mørke omgivelser. De fleste digitalkameraer har en automatisk blitz-funktion, der udløser blitzen, hver gang lysniveauet er så lavt, at det er nødvendigt.


Autofokus bidrager til at undgå tågede billeder og skelne fotomotivet fra baggrunden. Mindre kameraer fokuserer lettere end større kameraer, men begge typer har autofokus som standard.


Mange compact kameraer kan automatisk identificere ansigter på et foto og fokusere på dem, hvilket sikrer, at motivet skiller sig ud fra baggrunden.

Reduktion af røde øjne

Blitzlys reflekteres sommetider i folks øjne, som derved kommer til at se røde ud. En funktion til reduktion af røde øjne er populær i kameraer og foto software.


Et kameras opløsning måles oftest i megapixels. Antallet af megapixels beskriver, hvor detaljerede billeder kameraet tager. Jo flere megapixels et kamera har, jo større og mere detaljerede vil billederne være. Men de fleste digitalkameraer har high-megapixel sensors, og næsten alle compact kameraer har en god opløsning, så der er ingen grund til at bekymre sig for meget om megapixels. Billedkvalitet vurderes bedre ved at se på sensorens størrelse, idet et kamera med en større sensor tager mere præcise billeder og gengiver farverne bedre.


Billedsensoren er den del af kameraet, der tager fotoet. Jo bedre billedsensor, des bedre billedkvalitet. Generelt har små kameraer en lille sensor, mens DSLR-kameraer har større sensorer, kendt som APSC-sensorer (størrelse 25.1×16.7 mm), som tager bedre billeder i dårlig belysning.
Dyrere kameraer har en ”full frame” sensor (størrelse 36×24 mm), som generelt er af endnu bedre kvalitet og producerer endnu bedre fotos.

Shutter delay

Shutter delay er betegnelsen for den periode, der går, fra man trykker på udløseren, til kameraet tager billedet. Compact kameraer har længere shutter delay end DSLR-kameraer, hvilket gør de sidste mere velegnede til motiver i bevægelse.

Live view

Alle compact kameraer giver mulighed for at se ”live view” igennem en LCD-skærm, før billedet tages. De fleste DSLR-kameraer har stadig en spejlsøger i stedet for LCD-skærm til hjælp, når billedet skal fokuseres.


Videooptagelse har i længere tid været en funktion i mange compact kameraer, og de seneste år er man også begyndt at se DSLR-kameraer, der kan optage videoer. Videokvaliteten er ikke altid i top, fordi begrænsninger i design af kamera og objektiver betyder, at videofunktionen ikke virker lige så godt som et rigtigt videokamera.


Billedstabilisering kompenserer for små rystelser i hænderne, når du holder kameraet. Funktionen sikrer, at billederne bliver skarpe og klare i stedet for utydelige.


Ved hjælp af zoom kan kameraet forstørre et originalbillede. 5 x zoom betyder fx, at kameraet kan forstørre et billede, til det er fem gange større end originalen. Optisk zoom bruger objektivet og er den absolut bedste type zoom, mens digital zoom bruger intern software, der fungerer ligesom billedbehandling på en PC, og som bestemt er tilfredsstillende. Nogle kameraer kombinerer optisk og digital zoom for at opnå den størst mulige zoom-effekt.


Udskiftelige objektiver har først og fremmest interesse for dig, der ønsker et DSLR-kamera. Fast objektiv har kun én fokuslængde eller brændvidde, men er af højere kvalitet end zoom-objektiver. Zoom-objektiver har variabel fokuslængde eller brændvidde, som typisk spænder fra 6-10 x zoom (tele), der bl.a. anvendes til portrætfotos, og som er modsætningen til vidvinkel-zoom til landskabsbilleder.

Læs udvidet Digitalkamera køberåd.

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Performance review all she does assists sample

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

…changed.. Welcome to my Leica X1 Digital Camera Review ! I have tons of sample X1 images as well as my full… The. Welcome to my Leica X1 Digital Camera Review ! I have tons of sample X1 images as well as my full…
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“3 Lightroom History Tips” plus 1 more Digital Photography School

“3 Lightroom History Tips” plus 1 more: Digital Photography School

Link to Digital Photography School

3 Lightroom History Tips

Posted: 05 Nov 2013 10:37 AM PST

Lightroom history tips opener

Like Photoshop, Lightroom has a History feature that shows a list of the fixes you’ve applied to an image. It can be used to wind back changes that you have made to an image. Unlike the Photoshop history, the Lightroom history entries don’t disappear when you close Lightroom – they remain accessible from one instance of Lightroom to the next.

The History panel is on the left in the Develop module. Click to open it and you’ll see a list of the edits made to the image. These read from bottom to top so the topmost history setting is the one you applied last to the image. These History settings show not only the sliders you adjusted when editing the image but also the final value of that slider and the amount of change you made at that step.

Lightroom history tips 1

You can wind back the history of changes that you’ve made to the image by clicking any of the entries in the History panel. Until you make further changes to the image you won’t lose the later history states if you click on an earlier one. So you can click from one history state to the next to view the image at that point in the editing process.

If you click to view an image at an earlier stage of its editing and then start making changes to the image you will lose all the later history states – they’ll be replaced by your new edits.

3 Lightroom History Tips

Here are three handy tips for working with Lightroom History:

1. Delete History

You can delete the Lightroom history for any selected image. To do so, click the X (Clear All) button in the top right of the History panel. This removes the history steps from the History panel – it doesn’t actually remove the edits from the image – it just clears the History panel.

Lightroom history tips 2

If you are like me you will use the backslash key () in the Develop module to compare the image Before and After your edits. However, sometimes you will want to compare the After version with the image as it was part way during the editing process – not as it was when you imported it.

You can set the Before version of an image to be the image as it was at any earlier History step. To do this, right click the History step that shows the image at the point you want to make the Before image and choose Copy History Step Settings to Before. If the most recent history step isn’t selected, select it to return to the current state of the image. Now, when you press the Backslash key you will compare the current state of the image with the selected history state.

You can also drag and drop History steps to do the same thing. So, if you are viewing the Before image you can drag and drop any History step onto the Before version and that will become the new Before version. Again – you don’t lose any history steps when you do this, you’re just creating a different Before version of the image.

Lightroom history tips 3

3. Create a Virtual Copy

When you are part way through editing an image you might want to go back and try a different editing process but also keep the version of the image you are working on. You can use the History panel to facilitate this. Start by selecting the History step where you want to begin an alternative method of editing the image. Right click the image and choose Create Virtual Copy. This creates a new Virtual Copy – its starting point is the current History step – it has no other History steps associated with it. Also note that this new Virtual Copy is the currently selected image.

Lightroom history tips 4

Before beginning to work on this image, click the original image in the filmstrip to reselect it and click the last History step in the list to return this version of the image to your current editing point.

You’ll now have two versions of the image – a virtual copy extracted from the image at the point at which you want to begin an alternative editing approach and the original version with all your current edits in place.

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

Check out our more Photography Tips at Photography Tips for Beginners, Portrait Photography Tips and Wedding Photography Tips.

3 Lightroom History Tips

The post 3 Lightroom History Tips by appeared first on Digital Photography School.

The Science of Selecting Photos

Posted: 05 Nov 2013 07:17 AM PST

By Annie Tao

The business of photography is a complicated matter. I spend hours after each photo shoot culling, processing and sorting the photos to tell the story of the day.

From a recent session of one of my own children, I realized that choosing the final photos can be described as a Venn Diagram! One circle represents images photographers love and the other circle represents images clients love. Some images overlap and some don’t.

To be successful, you want the largest area to be the one that overlaps: images both photographers and clients love. It is important, however, to be aware of what images may fall into the other areas.

Here is an example.

Professional Photographers Venn Diagram by Annie Ta bg

I had a photo shoot of my son just last week. He recently turned 6 years old, so this mini shoot was to capture how he loves reading, loves playing with Legos, and still has hints of having a baby face.

After the shoot, I went through the images as though this was a regular client gallery, but found myself saving a few images that I know would NOT have made it into a client gallery!

That got me thinking.

Are there photos that I’ve left out of a client gallery that should have been in it?

Below are examples of photos from this recent shoot that would make it into a client gallery…

Annie Tao Photography The Science of Selecting Photos article image that would make it into client gallery 2

Annie Tao Photography The Science of Selecting Photos article image that would make it into client gallery 1

Annie Tao Photography The Science of Selecting Photos article image that would make it into client gallery 3

Below are examples of photos that would NOT have made it into a client gallery, but I love…

Annie Tao Photography The Science of Selecting Photos article image that would NOT make it into client gallery 2

Above: he is playing with his hands and arms, which he does when he’s nervous.

Annie Tao Photography The Science of Selecting Photos article image that would NOT make it into client gallery 1

Above: he is chewing gum (I can even see it in his mouth – Oy!), which is his favorite treat.

What does this mean?

Note: I am writing this for Children and Family Photography, but this can apply to any portrait session.

  1. During the session, pay attention to the children’s behavior. What are the little things they do when they’re happy, nervous or excited?
  2. Have an open dialogue with the parents. If they feel comfortable with you, they will share details about what they love or the little quirks that represent their child. It could be something you wouldn’t have guessed.
  3. Remember your client when selecting your final images. Think about what images your clients may like that perhaps didn’t make it into your selection. There may be something you’d want to include in the final images that may bring a tear to their eyes or make them laugh, but isn’t “perfect” in your eyes.

In terms of photo selection, your job as a Photographer is to choose photos that represent your artistic style. You are also a Service Provider whose ultimate goal is to make your clients happy.

Annie Tao is a Professional Lifestyle Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area who is best known for capturing genuine smiles, emotions and stories of her subjects. You can visit for more tips or inspiration and stay connected with her at

Post originally from: Digital Photography Tips.

Check out our more Photography Tips at Photography Tips for Beginners, Portrait Photography Tips and Wedding Photography Tips.

The Science of Selecting Photos

The post The Science of Selecting Photos by appeared first on Digital Photography School.

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